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What started out as a funny twitter account has become a way to observe the destruction of the US Dollar's purchasing power in real time. The USD is a currency. Bitcoin is money. What happens when the free market gets to choose which monetary medium to store its wealth in? A rational & free market will always choose the money that is hardest to debase.

If it wasn't already obvious, 2020 has proven that the US government and Federal Reserve have no intention of preserving the integrity or long term value of the USD. Meanwhile, in May of 2020, Bitcoin underwent its 3rd halving (not priced in!), reducing its annual inflation rate to below 2%. How does this compare with the USD's inflation rate? It's impossible to tell.

Bitcoin's monetary supply is based on code, secured by energy, and verified by its users. USD monetary supply is based on the emotions and ignorance of politicians, unelected bureaucrats, and big banks. CPI is a well known metric produced by the government and has unfortunately become synonymous with "inflation." Inflation, by the original and true definition, can only be known by verifying both the existing supply and newly minted supply. Neither of which the government is willing (or even capable) of disclosing to the public. Trained auditor and bitcoin thought leader, Pierre Rochard works tirelessly running the numbers when it comes to monetary policy. Here is one of many tweets in which he compares both systems:

Put simply, bitcoin is money of the people, by the people, and for the people. This website will be dedicated to providing statistics, think pieces, and more resources to enhance bitcoin awareness and adoption. And of course reminding you how much that $1200 stimulus check would be worth if it was used to buy bitcoin. Check back often, as content will continue to be added!

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